Why the heck should I go so far up north?

Why not?
What else could you do in boring November?
… the moose hunt is kind of over.

We’ve already warmed up the place when all club presidents of Ladies Circle and Round Table of Sweden had their yearly kick off, we’ve even booked the same DJ (so he’s used to meeting our kind of people..): DJ Krille in da house! The company will be the best, the view fantastic and the music will make sure you have a hard time moving the day after.


-Three years ago I attended my first HYM. I was then pleasantly surprised that it was like many international guests!
Anna Persson National Chairman Tangent Sweden

One year Ladies Circles National President wrote this after HYM:
-I was a bit skeptical when I went there, but must admit that I was pleasantly surprised and actually a little secretly in love with these old people! (Old people, what’s she talking about?? Ed’s note.) It feels wonderful to know that everything continues,  why stop making friendships grow?


If you still aren’t sure, call a friend who has been before.

And if you still don’t know if you should go, then you don’t get it and probably should stay home and watch Home and away or something…. 😉